Taking Your Home Decorating to the Next Level

Decorating your home is the ultimate way to make it “your own”, and can be accomplished with lots of little affordable things as we’ve previously seen on MyHomeRocks.com. Some of these things can even be accomplished in as little as one weekend! However, if you want to really take it to the next level, you’ll need to take a little more time – and probably spend a little more money – to get those decorations that are truly unique, and truly make your home your own. Ultimately, decorating your home is all about YOU.

Insert a Natural Element

Feng-shui experts have been espousing the virtues of natural elements in the home for centuries now, and the advice still holds true today. Not only are natural elements beautiful decorative devices, but they also can have a soothing and calming effect on your home as a whole. Easy additions include low-maintenance plants and flowers, though even artificial plants can make a big splash. And speaking of making a splash, consider adding a ‘water’ element to your home in the form of a water fountain or even an aquarium filled with elegant fish. Obviously, there is a degree of maintenance involved with any natural element, so this is not as ‘set and forget’ as other decor items, but rest assured infusing natural elements into your interior decor will make a tremendous impact on your design and will reflect your personality in a fun and tranquil way.

Don’t Pick Style over Comfort

When we think about interior “decorating,” we tend to go with our eyes: what looks best in this house? What fits best with the theme of the room? But when you’re buying furniture, you may want to give your eyes the backseat and let your back take the wheel. First and foremost, your furniture should be comfortable – design in this case is a secondary consideration. Try testing out lots of different seating types before even considering the design: how deep do you like your cushions? How high should the backrest be? How high off the floor is the seat, and can you sit comfortably without putting undue stress on your knees and lower back? If you’re tall, you may want a higher-than-standard sofa depth (typically this is around 36 inches). If you’re shorter, you may want less distance between the seat edge and the back. Make your comfort your priority, even if it costs a little more to get it… it will pay itself off ten times over in the long run!

Upholster Antique Furniture with Modern Fabric

If you want your furniture to be unlike anything anyone can buy, consider upholstering with an anachronistic fabric. For example, if you have antique furniture, consider upholstering with a more audacious modern fabric – like 19th century chairs upholstered in bright neon colors to really pop in whatever room they’re placed in. The inverse sometimes works as well, but seems to be more difficult to pull off: modern furniture with more old school, ornately-decorated floral pattern fabrics. Play around with some clashing ideas and you might just come up with something truly unique and truly amazing!

Choose One Piece of Artwork to Anchor the Room

Limiting yourself to only one piece of art is an exercise in priorities and values – you’ll pick a piece that really sings to you and makes you feel at home. Decorating around it will make it the focal point of the room, and art is often a more concise expression of “self” than furniture. The conversations you’ll have over your chosen piece alone will be worth the extra money to secure some truly cool art!

Add Faux Fur for Texture

If you look at a space and everything is neat, tidy and clean, you’ll want to add something that’s sumptuous and cozy and perhaps just a little wild. It’ll really elevate the space! Faux fur doesn’t just stand out in an otherwise-organized and clean room, it is an irresistable texture that draws eyes and attention. Plus, see the section about “infusing nature” above – faux fur may not be for everyone, but for those who like it, it definitely helps add that ‘soothing’ atmosphere that is so personal and so desirable.

Don’t Shop at Just One Store

It may be enticing to just get all your decorative shopping done in a few days or weeks by bulk-shopping at IKEA, Target, or Restoration Hardware. But try taking some time to shop around; these stores generally have one or two unifying design elements that makes them all feel very manufactured and monotone. Mix it up for a truly unique look that’s all you!

Use Turkish Runners to Style Up a Hallway

Wood floors and luxurious carpets are nice – but they can be a little monotonous, and don’t often feel very personal. Make your walkways more representative of your own taste with some lavish Turkish runners to really get some attention! They instill a certain Bohemian look into your space, and make it feel more like a “home” than a mere “dwelling.” Experiment with a lot of different styles, like overlapping multiple runners, or angling them so they don’t roll straight down a hallway. Done well, and this will be a whimsical, if maybe a little decadent, testament to your stylistic tastes. Oh, and Turkish runners feel great on bare feet, too!

Try Semi-custom Window Treatments

Blinds, curtains, and shades are not usually the first things people think of when trying to update their look… but these small accents can make a HUGE difference in your room’s appearance! Perfectly-tailored and uniquely-styled window treatments frame the room and create splashes of visual panache that can really make your home sing. A lot of major retailers offer options for semi-custom window treatments that perfectly fit your windows and match your dream design. Call around to get pricing, some of these guys will even price match so while it’s a bit of a splurge this is actually fairly inexpensive compared to other recommendations on this list!

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