How to Revamp a Living Room in a Weekend

painting-black-paint-roller-mediumJust like seasons, home fashions change too as the design world continually dreams up stylish new ideas for our homes. The living room is the usually the place where we spend the most time, as well as receive guests, so take an objective look around and if things are beginning to look a little dated or dreary then it’s time to grab a few paint catalogues and start planning.

Can I Afford to Redecorate?

Cost is often a big consideration when homeowners think about redecorating, but it is important not to rule out a spruce up because you assume it will be far too expensive. Of course, if you want a dozen rolls of handmade wallpaper or have a penchant for solid oak flooring then it would be a pretty expensive makeover, so it’s always important to be realistic with your expectations and limitations so that your dream room doesn’t turn into a debt nightmare!

Choose a Colour Scheme

Colour is very important. If you get this wrong, you may have to live with the mistake for a while, so always take your time in carefully choosing a colour scheme. When it comes to colour, there is no solid right or wrong, but the amount of natural light in the room will play a part, along with the colour of any existing flooring or pieces of furniture that you are not going to replace. If you are unsure of which hue to go for, buy a few match pots and test them on the walls to see how dark or light the colour appears in the room itself; it’s worth doing this a week before the weekend you have set aside for redecoration so that you can live them, and see how they appear at different times of day.

Paint or Wallpaper?

Paint is the easiest way of changing the look of a room because you can slap on some paint in just a few hours. Hanging wallpaper obviously takes longer and requires more skill, but if used on a feature wall only it can add a stylish touch of sophistication to the room in a relatively small amount of time. Wallpaper will also work out more expensive than a tin of paint, so do bear this in mind when the budget is tight.

DIY Decorating

Decorating needn’t be a huge chore if you use the right tools. Stripping wallpaper is usually one of the most onerous parts of the job, but you can make this much quicker and easier by using a wallpaper attachment on a steam cleaner.

Funky Accessories

Once you have painted, papered, and perhaps invested in new flooring and furniture (if budget allowed), add a few personal touches with some funky accessories. Cushions, throws, lamps, artwork, and rugs all change the look of a room dramatically, so once you have completed your room makeover it’s time to hit the shops again to find the right accessories-or try searching around your home for colour coordinated bits and pieces that would pull your new look together.

As long as you are well organised and have everything to hand, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to give your living room a complete makeover in a single weekend. The one thing that takes a long time to dry is gloss paint, but if you can finish painting the skirting boards, doors and architraves on Saturday night, your new room could be done and dusted by Sunday night. Good luck!

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