10 Flooring Ideas To Modernise Your Living Space

As a homeowner, you will at some point discover that your once spanking new floors have become a little worse for wear. Eventually, frays and bumps, scattered stains or scuffs all start to add up and it becomes time to admit defeat. It’s time to revamp those tired floors with a fresh idea. With there being so many great options out there it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, and you can even discover after the fact that you’ve missed out on something great amongst the onslaught of choice!

Missing out on the chance to make your home look just the way you want it, well… sucks. Several aspects can be overlooked amongst the choice of hundreds of colours, textures and materials. Your flooring makes up a huge part of a room, so although we all tend to shop homeware and furniture online, in this case it’s key to grab a few samples before making a final decision.

There are a whole host of flooring types to set your toes tingling with delight, and the choosing process should be fun. So, we’ve put together ten of our favourite floors to start you off along the right path. Ranging from smooth and traditional warm woods to cool industrial chic raw concrete, there’s something here to suit just about any style and personal taste.

Turn Your Home Into A Unique Space The Right Way

Let’s be honest, we all love being complimented on the beauty of our home decisions. The choices you make create the character of your home and show off another aspect of your personality to visiting family and guests.

Hardwood Flooring

The thing about hardwood floors is that they look both sophisticated and snazzy. On top of that, they can last quite a long time, making them a good choice for resale purposes. Redesigning your home is a challenge, but hardwood floors can ease the choosing process since they can be refinished in different stains and varnishes. As for cleaning, well a whizz round with the vacuum is the norm, and spills are a doddle to wipe up – unlike carpet.

Hardwood flooring can be a pricey option, but it’s high-end aesthetic coupled with the longevity of the material make it hard to resist.

Concrete Effect Flooring

Not many people think of concrete floors as a go-to option, but their popularity is increasing due to the industrial chic interiors trend. They are actually a great cost-effective option and can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Raw concrete looks cool, though it can also be polished, painted or stained for a sleeker finish.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a highly popular option to go with for many, many reasons. These floors are ideal for high traffic areas of the home because of their scratch proof aspect. There are hundreds of options all over the market, featuring tons of colors and even more designs. If this is more up your lane, then you’ll want to choose laminate flooring from a company you can depend on

Your floors at home will look flawless for a long time without the need to refinish, and designs can look as natural as real wood.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood can be a cost effective option, and not only is it good for your pocket, it’s also great for the environment. We should all try to recycle and upcycle where we can, and wood can be reclaimed from just about anywhere. Not everyone sees reclaimed wood as the best option for them, but if you like a story or history behind the things you curate for your home then this is gold dust. A reclaimed treasure is a little piece of something from the world that is special in its very own way.

Unique Tiles

For those who have a taste for things that are a little bit different, an installation of unique tiles could be the way to go. Tiles can be arranged in eye-catching designs, consisting of different shapes and colors. This versatility means that you can come up with something that no one else has in their home.

Traditional Tile Floors

If your taste in tiles is a little more classic then regular tile floors look clean and crisp. With a variety of price ranges, you are bound to find a tile to suit your interior. Some of the top favorites include beautiful veined marble, glamorous granite and smooth porcelain.

Tiled floors are most typical in kitchens and bathrooms but can be placed anywhere in the home. A tiled living room or dining room evokes a Mediterranean look, and will be super easy to clean too.

Vinyl Flooring

Sometimes you just need a quick fix, and vinyl flooring could be the answer. Not only is it simple and easy to keep up with, but it’s affordable too. It also happens to be a top regular flooring material that will be used from now to many generations to come. You’ll find plenty of different styles to choose from – and a hassle-free installation.

Faux Stone Flooring

With a wide range of designs and a bright selection of shades, faux stone flooring can go many ways. It’s a nice way to bring a look of nature indoors, and looks beautiful teamed with wood grain furniture and natural toned decor.

Carpeted Floors

If you are all about being cozy, then carpet floors will always be top of your list. Be sure not to scrimp on the quality of your underlay though otherwise you may not enjoy quite the sumptuous effect you were looking for. Carpeted floors aren’t always the best, most smell-free option where pets are concerned though, and aren’t a great choice for those sensitive to allergens.

Optical Illusion Flooring

Optical illusion flooring uses geometric pattern to create a mind-bending three-dimensional effect. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that will draw huge focus in your room scheme or hallway.

Decorating your house isn’t just about throwing things together, it’s about curating a collection of things that speak to you. Take your time and make your nest a place you’ll enjoy living in for a long time to come.

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