3 Ways to Create a Welcoming Environment

It’s not a particularly uncommon experience to find yourself living in accommodation that feels like, well, nothing more than a roof over your head. Maybe you’re a uni student unable to make any permanent changes to your dorm room. Or, perhaps you’re a first-time renter finding it difficult to create that homey feel on a tight budget.

Fear not. We are bringing you three top tips to help create that welcoming environment on the cheap and with as little stress as possible.

A welcome mat is a must

First impressions are everything, and what better way to create a welcoming environment than purchasing a welcome mat for your front door? It’s an inexpensive purchase that can go a long way to establishing that homey feel — some mats even declare “welcome” right where you step onto them! Can’t say it more plainly than that.

A personalised door mat projects your unique personality even before visitors have gotten through the front door, so it’s a solid first step in turning a plain house into your very own home. Adding the personal touch is a great extra flourish to add to any purchase, and you don’t necessarily have to take too large a chunk out of precious funds to do it.

Personalised doormats offer a unique touch, displaying either your family name or a favourite quote. Team with a patterned undermat to accentuate the design and add a little colour. The colourful and personalised combo would give a great boost to any new home.

It’s all about the candles

If done safely and responsibly, candles are a beautifully inexpensive way to create ambience. A selection of candles in your chosen room can help you decompress from the dreaded nine to five that gets all of us wound up from time to time.

It’s always good to change things up and try new products too. Break away from the tired old faithfuls you’ve grown familiar with and expand your horizons. Good suppliers produce candles in a plethora of scents, shapes and sizes – so you can find a style as unique as you.

Relax, unwind… and never leave burning candles unattended or alight near children, pets, drapes or furniture. Always follow candle safety rules.

The soundtrack to your life

Everyone has that one song on their playlist that takes them back to a treasured memory or reminds them of a loved one. Our last recommendation is that you purchase a wireless speaker for your home. It’s more expensive than the other suggestions on this list, but it’s a fun one. Listening to music makes us feel good, fact.

Don’t undervalue the joy of listening to classic songs with friends, or nostalgic romance when listening with your partner. Or, create brand new memories set in your brand new home.

Just like the other suggestions, this is an effective way to enrich ambience in any room. These devices can be hidden away so they’re not the focus of the room, while still adding to the environment. The wireless aspect means no messy cabling, no installation hassle, and packing them up to move on is as easy as chucking them in your car or moving van. There is a wide range of wireless speakers to suit different budgets, so it’s well worth taking a look.

Implement these changes and you’ll never look back, your house will soon become a home. Want more? See How to Finish Off a Room to Make the Space Feel Complete.


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