Glamorous Grey Rooms

Gutsy shades of grey are fast replacing the beige and mushroom neutrals of recent years, and thank goodness, it’s about time something bumped Ms Magnolia off her top spot. My Home Rocks has put together this inspiring collection of new neutral, glamorous grey.

These examples of achromatic décor create a dramatic base on which other colours positively pop, even basic white finds its punch against a slate surround, appearing sharp and clean.

Grey and white chic bedroom

White bedding and furnishings appear crisp and luxurious in this cosy creation.
Via Classic Chic Home

The beauty of this neutral is that it holds a room together, hugging the space with sophistication, allowing colourful accessories to sit solidly rather than float away in a room of pale hues. If you fear using a dark palette, collide gallery white walls with one or two charcoal accent walls for a fresh contrast, or choose beautiful dove grey for a softer effect. The backdrop works equally well for both contemporary and classic living styles, appearing bold and exciting against gloss finishes and clean lines, or fabulously chic around vintage pieces.

Often, decorating with grey is about holding your nerve until the room is completely finished, including furniture, finishing touches and all, as it’s the pieces which go into a scheme like this that really make it work. Imagine an empty dark grey room… pretty depressing huh? Now imagine the same room with a fresh white sofa, glossy console table and bookshelves, an impressive mirror in a rococo frame, bright plump cushions, artwork and a statement lamp. Give it a chance, grey may become your new glamorous neutral.

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grey hallway stair runner

Via Homeklondike


grey gloss contemporary pop art kitchen

Via Kitchen Building


grey pink green bedroom

Via Nichole Loiacono Design







Grey and white classic bathroom

Via Classic Chic Home
Black and white photography appears stunning upon a charcoal wall


grey eclectic living room

Via Candace Rose
A grey room allows more outrageous colour choices to be made for other items.


Grey, yellow and pink living room

Via Candace Rose
The walls in this room enable the accents to speak without letting them scream, the deep shade fills the space around a neon pink table and mustard accessories, muting a potentially overpowering glow.


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