Galley Kitchens Ahoy!

Whilst many of us may dream of having a huge open plan kitchen complete with central island, looking out through about 5 metres of bi-fold doors, the reality for the majority of homeowners is the traditional, tried and tested galley style kitchen. So forget that just about every home renovation program on TV is telling you to blow your entire life savings on a monster extension, and check out this gallery of galley magic!

Narrow Kitchens

A garden view makes the perfect focal point at the end of a narrow kitchen, but if you’re not lucky enough to have a feature window or door at the end of your run, then just make your own feature! Blackboard paint is a great and cheap way to add character to any wall, or go for maximum impact with a strip of eye-catching wallpaper to compliment or contrast with your units and splashbacks.

Kitchen Decals

You could apply a quick graphic decal or even create a personalized piece of artwork by having a much loved picture blown up to poster size; choose a tall image and ensure the piece will fit flush from skirting board to ceiling for a fully bespoke look.

Long Kitchens

Play up the length of a long kitchen by hanging multiple pendant lights of the same style for echoing impact, this will also ensure there is no dingy ends to the room. If you are installing wall units, paler coloured units will increase the feeling of light and space, so don’t be afraid to mix and match your cabinet colour palette, or try installing mirrored or metallic backsplashes for extra twinkle.

Open Shelving

If you think you can maintain uncluttered shelves in your kitchen, then open shelving can make a culinary space appear even more open and airy, but clutter bugs be warned, over stacked shelving will have the complete opposite effect and bring the walls creeping in on you. So, clear the decks and give galley glamour a go!

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