Original Wall Decals from Spin Collective

Most people will have encountered a vinyl wall decal on their travels, as the sticky critters have been taking over the world of wall decoration by storm. They’re ingenious in that a room can be transformed in a matter of minutes without the mess of wallpaper pasting or mural painting, and at a fraction of the cost. The saturation of wall art stickers led us to seek out versions a little more on the quirky side, a beautiful blossoming tree or bird flock in flight is always very effective, but what else is out there?


We stumbled upon a collection of cool designs by, UK based company, Spin Collective. Whilst covering their bases with the ever-popular nature silhouettes, the have also come up with sprawling headboard toppers, almost tattoo-like, and original kids designs by illustrator Anna Wray. The humorous ‘i am’ range are great fun for a home office wall, and look equally effective when applied to a blank canvas to create an instant piece of art.

If you are after function as well as form, take a look at the novelty shaped chalkboards, or the ornate clock decals that come complete with working clock mechanism to stick in the middle. Another no nails option is the ornate picture frame set, which would be perfect in a hallway where three-dimensional wall hangings often get knocked.

If you’re a fusspot like me you might like that a lot of the decals can be printed in your choice of colour, and in a customised size. A number of the creations take personalisation one step further, like the road sign posts that accommodate whatever it is that you find yourself or your guests needing direction to, be it the games den and the garden, or your drinks bar and the loo!

We’d love to see your home design ideas too, why not take a snap of your creations and share using our quick Submission Form?

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