Industrial Style Kitchens

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Industrial décor is typically seen in vast trendy loft spaces, that were factories or warehouses once upon a time, but how do we achieve the industrial style in our own modest homes?

A great place to start an interpretation of the industrial style trend is in the kitchen, because it is predominantly a place of function, and in industrial interior design it is functionality that provides form.

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Industrial Theme

An industrial theme is undoubtedly rough and ready, so forget ringing up the plasterer, and instead celebrate rough old brick walls, and don’t you dare box in that steel support girder!

Draw attention to metal beams by hanging oversized can lights, or a multitude of oddly sized exposed bulbs, on wires of varying length. Ductwork should be left untouched too, and the character of well-aged floors ought to be embraced rather than replaced.

If you’re handy, you can save a lot of money by creating a rustic industrial scheme; besides the obvious celebration of raw architectural elements, an industrial kitchen allows you to forget about expensive granite worktops, and invites you to make your own chunky polished concrete surfaces, resulting in a fantastically robust and surprisingly lustrous effect.

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Upcycle and Repurpose

Upcycled and repurposed furniture is a strong industrial trend too, a consignment stamped sideboard, or a rusting locker fits the bill.

Some home style shops stock pieces that recreate the vintage industrial effect, but if you’re lucky enough to find a piece of original industrial furniture then just remember that it’s the dents and rust that make a piece like this unique. Don’t overdo the refinishing process or compromise the patina of the piece, simply brush away badly flaking paint and seal it to keep your home and hands clean.

You could build a piece of Repurposed Pallet Furniture, it’s a fantastic way to create a cheap kitchen island, or try wall-mounting a series of small crates to shelve kitchen accessories.

Decorating an Industrial Space

An industrial room conveys practicality, and edgy industrial ideas are cool to look at, but be careful to make this a space that you would also be comfortable in.

Rich wood tones add warmth to an industrial look, and natural textures throw a little softness against man-made metals and harsh brick forms; hessian sack furnishings showcasing The Vintage Label Effect, or French Industrial style branding, work harmoniously within a warehouse look.

Colour and quirks can be introduced by hanging old road signs, or an antique style factory clock, whilst plants will bring life and surreptitiously soften the overall look.

Industrial Style Seating

Undeniably, metal seating works well in an industrial home, but equally effective–and warmer on your bottom–are wood grain, or old leather look chairs that provide padding whilst still maintaining the rather masculine swagger of the scheme.

If you’re starting from scratch in a home of bare bricks and glaring girders, don’t patch it, match it!

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What do you think of the industrial style?

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