Therapeutic Gardening: Growing as a Person!

Gardening has seen a boom in the United Kingdom in recent times. Statistics surrounding the activity are amazing to behold, and reflect the true love and care that gardeners are showing for their craft. Whether it’s money spent, or the rise of television programmes on the subject, the favoured pastime is only growing from strength to strength in popularity.

Gardening is no longer associated with retirees who seek a new project, looking after your garden and growing your own veg is proven to be fundamentally therapeutic and good for your health at any stage in life. Titled as a form of ‘Horticultural Healing’, gardening swaps the woes of society for the harmony of nature. Consequently, agriculture offers a broad range of advantages to anyone willing to take up the trowel.

Soil Solutions

Gardening can be misconceived as being tedious, boring and nigh on pointless. Many look down on messing around in the dirt, and would rather live in a flat amidst a smog covered city.

However, the very soils themselves hold bacteria that are clinically proven to improve your mood! There is no shame in getting grubby; the crawlies never seem to mind. Are insects braver than you? Get stuck in, and the horticultural healing will take full effect. After all, becoming dirty may in turn cleanse the mind and soul!

Satisfaction in New Skills

It’s not all in the colourful flowers and freshly mown grass. Sometimes the journey is better than the end destination.

The garden is a blank canvas for many to project upon, and is proven to help with many anxieties, depressions and dementias. After all, the hobby releases endorphins that correlate directly from the feel of nurturing. Therefore, no matter your level of skill or experience, it is never too late to begin a last-minute garden project! Inspiration looms around every corner always, keeping your mind active with ideas and not occupied with troubles.

Growing Foods

Many are perfectly happy to patrol their local supermarkets in hope of buying chocolates, cakes and Coca-Cola. You announce you are growing your own foods and receive a look as if you dribbled down your own shirt, but you’ll have the last laugh in the end.

Of course, growing your own food is a fascinating, cost effective effort that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. After your hours at work on your garden projects and flowers, the growing of vegetables and fruits are the perfect complement to your hard work. Ultimately, you will grow your very own win-win scenario, a self-fulfilling circle of exercise and healthy eating that your body will only thank you for.

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