Late Summer Garden Projects

Summer is a time for relaxing in your garden. In order to make your backyard an appealing and peaceful place, you will need to work at it and see it as an ongoing project. Even in late summer, there are a few projects that you could undertake to transform your garden and help you to make the most of those beautiful late summer evenings.

Late Summer Plants

It is easy to get your backyard looking colourful and inviting during spring and at the start of the summer, but not so much during late summer. There are a few easy to care for plants for this time of year which will keep your garden looking full of life right through to autumn. Crocosmia, Japanese Anemone, penstemon and the breath taking phlox paniculata are all wonderful options that will give your garden a great boost that will last to around October.


Whilst the evenings remain light to relatively late, visibility does drop and this can happen quickly. If you like to spend your evenings outside and want to continue to do so once the sun goes down, make sure that you have adequate lighting. In addition to stopping you from taking an embarrassing tumble, this can also highlight your plantlife.

Fairylights hanging in trees or along the fence, LED candles and tea lights are forms of lighting that can increase visibility whilst also creating an intimate setting. A chiminea is also a great way to add light and warmth for those late evenings.

Summer House

A summer house is a magnificent way to enjoy your garden and can even be used once the weather turns. It, essentially, provides you with another room for your home but one that is completely separate from the house. A summer house could be somewhere to socialise, eat, listen to music, read, paint or even watch television.

Many homeowners enjoy building their own summer house, but you can also buy them which can be much easier and faster. For power, consider investing in a generator. Once it is all set up, it could quickly become your new favourite place to spend time.

Water Feature

A water feature is a brilliant way to transform any sized garden. This can provide something both to watch and to listen to, as well as attract a host of wildlife to your backyard. People are often deterred by adding a water feature as they think that it will an enormous project, but building your own pond is actually quite straightforward. You could then add a fountain to make this even more appealing and enjoyable even from inside.


A patio can improve the look of a garden whilst also serving a very practical purpose. This is an area that you could set up for socialising or relaxing – if you can put a shelter over the top, this allows you to enjoy being outside even when the weather is not enjoyable. This is a large project, but also one which can have a huge impact on your entire home and also add value.

Late summer is a wonderful time of the year and many homeowners love spending time in their backyard during this period. The above projects are ideal for late summer and will allow you to make the most of your garden at the end of the season and going into the autumn months.

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