Quirky Dining Rooms

It’s often due to a persons unique collections that a home becomes interesting, and some of these quirky dining rooms certainly provide evidence of that; precious items are displayed under bell jars, walls are strewn with art and clock galleries, libraries of books run seam to seam, along with what appears to be an impressive catalogue of lamps, and another collector must have received a lunch box every Christmas between the ages of 3 and 33! Yes, every homeowner is undoubtedly different.

We wanted to pay homage to the brave amongst us who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries on design, and shout about what it is they love through their decor. Dining rooms aren’t always the most interesting places, but we see here that they most definitely can be.

If you crave a cohesive look for your dining space, take inspiration from a décor scheme that takes a theme and really runs with it, like an entirely monochrome room complete with arty black and white photography gallery, or this unusual blue translucent scene with matching chairs, light shade and table accessories, where the circular shape of said items is even echoed within the window treatment. On the other hand, an eclectic mix of furniture is always interesting to behold, and mismatched furniture can have an equally striking effect…

Take this example of antique wood table, complete with claw feet, set within punchy plastic retro chairs, it shouldn’t work, but when these pieces are placed within the right surroundings it just does. Creating a look like this is not as simple as it may seem, although at first glance a room of this nature may appear nonchalantly thrown together, a closer study says otherwise. Note how the chair cushions pick out the colourful book spines and are accented by the simple flower arrangement that is set ‘casually’ into a jug, which in turn compliments both colour and organic shape of the surrounding chairs whilst being sympathetic to the traditional style of the table; the light shade suits the grand proportions of the table whilst giving a firm nod in both colour and era back to the retro chairs… clever huh?

We’d love to see your home design ideas too, why not take a snap of your creations and share using our quick Submission Form?

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