Dining Table Feature Lighting

One of the most effective ways of anchoring a dining table in a room is actually by what hangs above it. The choice of over table light can make or break a dining scheme, select something too small and apologetic looking and the whole scene tends to drift a bit.

If you like the appearance of a smaller shade, why not try clustering a number of fittings together, hang them at slightly different lengths for a stunning effect; there are also ready made multi light designs on the market that can help you with this if you are not overly confident, they come on a track and the price can be more reasonable for both purchase and fitting by your electrician too.

For a cheaper option, clusters of paper lantern shades look fun and festive, or to avoid calling in that electrician you could opt for an elegant floor standing arc lamp, which is simply plug and play.

A sparkling chandelier has been a popular choice over the banqueting table for centuries, but how about updating the look with a modern take in bright glossy colours?

dining table coloured chandeliers

Via House of Anais

If a contemporary chrome creation is more your style, there are some stunning designs on the market, ranging from delicate sprays of crystals, to bold blown glass clusters that border on futuristic.

white dining table wheels modern light

Via Home Klondike

How about putting an industrial spin on things with sculptural metal bulb caging, or a large solid luminaire with lacquered finish for a cool utilitarian setup, or create a restaurant ambience with an oversized fabric drum shade.

white giant shade black dining table

Via Home Klondike

When it comes to shopping for an expressive dining table lighting solution, go multiple, go bold or go home!

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