Design Ideas for Your Little Darlings

As a parent, creating fantastical bedrooms for your little ones is incredibly exciting. Their minds are so full of ideas, and their imaginations so active, that it’s lovely to be able to give them a room to inspire their play and encourage their games.

As an adult, however, your imagination may no longer be as fertile as theirs. Whereas they can invent far off lands and a host of characters in seconds, your creativity may take a little longer to kick into gear, so it can be nice to have some design ideas available to assist you.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then here are a few pointers to help…

Incorporate Their Favourite Colours

You know from decorating your own home that it’s nice to be able to reflect a touch of your personality in your décor, and the same is true for children. Although neutral walls and carpets can come in handy when it comes to reselling, they’re not a good idea for tiny tots with sticky hands and a penchant for attracting dirt, and they do nothing to inspire their imaginations. This means that you can throw the magnolia and white handbook out of the window. Although parental control is advised, pick up some colour charts from your local DIY store and allow them to choose what they like. Your children will cherish the opportunity to be involved, and if it really is too bright, you can always resort to a feature wall and some colour-coordinated accessories to tone things down.

Be Inspired by Their Favourite Characters

kids room decor ideasYou can also find inspiration in favourite characters, with books and films both providing lots of ideas to fuel your mind. The internet is filled with examples of Frozen and Cars themed rooms, and there are some truly magical takes on The Secret Garden. Create a space filled with pale, diaphanous fabrics and a pink bed to make your little girl feel like a fairy tale princess, or incorporate a racing car theme to help your tiny one imagine they’re the next Lewis Hamilton. Craft a room to fuel their fantasies and you’ll give their imaginations the chance to flower.

Scale Everything Down to Size

One final touch is to scale furniture down to size wherever you can. Children come complete with mess, and their paraphernalia has an amazing affinity for creeping into every corner of your house. The worst culprit, of course, is their own bedroom, so maximising your floor space is really useful. What’s more, the easier they find it to navigate their own little area, the more quickly they’ll be able to develop a degree of independence, from being able to dress themselves in the morning without assistance, to being able to pick their own bedtime story from their scaled down shelves on a night.

Create a childhood haven for your little ones and give their imaginations the chance to take wing.

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