Contemporary Platform Beds

For an ultra modern bedroom, try looking at an old Asian aesthetic; the platform bed has been around for a very long time, but amazingly the clean lines and unpretentious style fit in perfectly with all things contemporary.

Platform beds today are usually flanked with swanky low-level bedside units, composed of a single storage drawer or a floating shelf. In these contemporary sets we regularly see an extended headboard that spans all three pieces, sometimes incorporating space age lighting strips, which are often less about lighting your bedtime page-turner and more about looking just plain cool.


Via Feather Bed

For those not in the know, the Japanese platform bed typically doesn’t require a box spring, your mattress simply sits on top of slats or a solid base. True to tradition examples are seen without footboards or headboards and are sometimes situated in the centre of the room, if you have the floor space, and don’t mind losing your pillows once an hour if you are a wriggly sleeper. As the size of the bed is extended slightly by a border, anyone in the market for a new bunk may shy away from this design if their room is of small proportions, but the low height and simple profile of these pieces create a feeling of space around them, so don’t be too quick to write off the idea of a chic Zen sleeping place.

With the bordering edge standing proud of the sleep zone, these beds appear grand yet retain a simplicity; pleasing on the eye, though not always great against the shins in the scramble from light switch to duvet!

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