How to Warm-up Your Bedroom This Winter

As the evenings get darker and the nights become colder, you could be forgiven for venturing into the cosiness of your bedroom an hour earlier than you did in the summer months. As well as the usual advice to shut windows and keep doors closed, what else can you do to ensure your sleeping quarters keep you as snug as a bug in a bed?

Without further ado, here are four tips and tricks for ensuring your boudoir stays snuggly-warm from dusk ‘til dawn:

Revel in Rugs

A warm foot equals a happy sleeper, especially if you suffer from poor circulation (colds hands and feet). This discomfort can be solved relatively easily, as long a rug is at hand! Investing in a shaggy rug or an extended floor covering can give the coldest, hardwood floored bedrooms the cosiness that they’re missing.

Layer-up in Blankets

As well as putting a higher-tog duvet to your cover, it always pays to add an extra layer or two in blankets – they really do make all the difference. Drape across your duvet to preserve your body’s heat and you’ll save on ever-increasing heating costs too.

Take Control of Your Heating

If you do give-in and turn to your radiators for warmth, keep a stronghold on how often they’re on with advanced heating control technology.

Trust home gadgets to help you monitor your outgoings from your smartphone or tablet. There are some nifty heating apps that allow users to change temperatures, choose which radiators come on, manage routines (i.e. setting all radiators to come on when you finish work) all at the tap of a touchscreen.

The Mattress Matters

Believe it or not, a poor quality mattress can be prone to stealing your body heat from underneath you!

To help combat this issue, invest in a good quality mattress and top it with a fleece mattress protector before adding your bed sheet. This will keep your protector clean, stop your bed sheets from twisting as you move in your sleep, and will keep you well-insulated too.

If in doubt, then the good old fashioned hot water bottle is always there to ensure your bed is warm, even during the coldest of winters!

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