Beautiful Laid Back Home Design by Ekaterina Voronova

Russian architect and interior designer, Ekaterina Voronova, specialises in crafted and innovative domestic projects, creating each solution based on the individual needs of her client. “Style means for me…”, explains Voronova, “the perfect balance between our personal knickknacks and the functionality of the place that we live in.”

This is a collection from her chic yet laid back portfolio of works, including a glimpse of her own home in Ireland, showing a predominantly pale neutral backdrop with dashes of graphic elements, eclectic textiles, and an occasional punch of colour introduced only via accessories and furnishings, which is a great idea for creating a flexible scheme in your own home, as cushions and artwork can easily be changed out to suit the season, or just your mood!

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Living in Ireland, and being Russian born and raised, has affected the way in which Ekaterina Voronova approaches design, resulting in a unique mix of influences. Her eclectic interiors integrate 20th century design classics, such as the iconic Artichoke Light, against more nouveau pieces, whilst her bespoke space enhancing furniture utilises nooks and by-places, like unique kitchen cabinetry nestled under a staircase, or a stylish corner hugging reading nook.

For more reading nook design inspiration, see Get the Book Nook Look!

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