Reading Nooks: Get the Book Nook Look!

Via Ciara Obscura

I don’t know what it is about reading nooks, but I just love them. It could be because they are cosy little hideaways where you can lose yourself in pages of adventure and romance, or it could be because their presence can create an entirely knew room-within-a-room or make a special space out of something as simple as a half landing or unused alcove. They are magical little places, and here a few to get your imagination working…

childs converted cupboard reading nook

Via Charlottes Fancy


I love the idea of creating a book den within a child’s room, it’s a great way to place emphasis on the importance of reading and writing, and a comfortable place that is as mini as they are will make the task all the more fun. This converted cupboard with integrated shelves is a great solution, but don’t forget to add the extra overhead light to prevent eyestrain!

The space under the stairs is useful for so many things and this is one of them, however, if you find you have already used up all of your homes nooks and by-places by installing cloakrooms and utility closets then how about creating a new one? An installation of bespoke book shelving along one wall leaving a cubby big enough for you to curl up in with a few cushions looks amazing. Try decorating the cutout in a contrasting colour or pattern to the rest of your room to define the book nook look!

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