How to Add Class, Sophistication & Colour to a Bedroom

Kylie Antique Lace Bed SetA bedroom should be a place to escape to when the rest of the world gets too much. It should be calm and sumptuous, clean and fresh, cosy but spacious.

Creating this atmosphere takes a good deal of effort, but the outcome is worth the hard work. Here are some top tips on how to create a bedroom escape that oozes class and sophistication.

All White Decor

A soft creamy, ivory white is calming and soothing. It’s the ideal bedroom colour as it is light and bright during the day, but cool and unobtrusive at night. Creating an all white bedroom takes a lot of determination and requires impeccable upkeep, but to get a truly soothing nights’ sleep there is nothing better.

Go for a white bed and bedroom furniture. When it comes to the curtains, carpet and bedding, stick to white but add pattern and texture with lace, crochet, velvet, silk and linen. Use soft furnishings to add hints of colour – the brighter the better because white can carry off vivid colours such as fuchsia, post-box red and canary yellow. Paper the walls, but go for a textured antique pattern and perhaps a paper that has a sheen or uses a couple of shades of white.

Old World Rustic

Nude shades such as cream, sand, chocolate and café latte along with plenty of wood – polished floorboards, a solid oak bed, wardrobe and chest of draws and wooden-frame mirrors – and rustic, authentic and traditional soft furnishings such as check, stripe and embroidery give a warm and welcoming feel to a bedroom and will make you want to jump right into bed.

Go for classic shaped items of furniture that look solid and heavy with brass knobs and handles. If it looks like it’s from the countryside it’s a goer. But don’t go for quaint and cute; to keep things classy and sophisticated, make sure the furniture looks old, worn but well made.

Hollywood Glamour

From mirrored glass tables, regal looking structural plants, deep blue and lavender velvet furnishings, plump round cushions and gracious large, material lampshades. Rich, thick pile white rugs and beds with padded headboards and silk sheets, this is a look that is meant to be savoured. It may cost a little extra to add all the finishing touches, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

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