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In this age of digital communication (look, we’re doing it right now!) many of us enjoy the option of working from home, and those who don’t will often have a second office at their house for weekend assignments, or even just as a place to sort the week-to-week influx of household paperwork. The majority of external workplaces are flat, flavourless spaces that breed carpet tiles and magnolia walls, and zap you with harsh lighting, so why not take full advantage of the freedom of expression you have in your home office, and make it a place of beauty and comfort?

Nobody ever said a decent desk had to be bland to be functional, so seek more interesting shapes that could stand proudly in the centre of a room. Consider a traditional table with turned legs, and don’t be afraid of colour, you will be spending a lot of time in this spot so keep it interesting!

Transform your office necessities into home accessories by colour coordinating box files, in-trays, and wastepaper baskets with a statement chair, and bring in a vibrant set of curtains; think texture and pattern, the two things that are usually lacking in common office spaces. Inject personality through feature wallpaper, fun cushions, and cosy rugs underfoot for added warmth.

Let go of any unecessary clutter that consumes the room, or move currently unused but treasured items into self storage, to create a clear working environment. A tidy space is a tidy mind!

Introduce one or two shapely table lamps to give a homey feel, and hang a mirror with a selection of art. Blur home/office boundaries by attaching attractive chunky frames to memo boards, or covering with fabric, and add a touch of luxury with freshly cut flowers and a candle arrangement.

Choose stylish storage that you wouldn’t find in a general office furniture shop, like a stunning sideboard or armoire, or install hanging folders in a chest rather than a dominating filing cabinet; they will do a great job of storing all of your papers and supplies whilst bringing beauty and individuality to your room. So, be productive, be creative, and be gorgeous!

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