Home Office Ideas For Small Apartments

If you are dreaming of a home office but you think you need a spare room for it, think twice! There are several ways you can create a work space in a small apartment without investing a lot of money in the project or without making major modifications to a room in the house. Sometimes an empty corner can be enough to make your home office dream come true. Take a peek at this list of home office ideas for small apartments and choose the one that satisfy your needs and desires.

Double Purpose Furniture

Instead of setting up a desk, you can easily transform a small armoire into a home office. You can use the cabinets to stock your office supplies or for their initial purpose. This simple trick will give you the home office you needed without modifications in your furniture arrangement.

If you do not own an armoire, you can use a nook in the same way. Actually, any surface can be easily transformed in the perfect home working space so be sure you think about this idea before investing in a real desk.

Bedroom Home Office

If you have an unused corner in your bedroom, you can easily create a great space for your home office. For a distinctive touch, find a corner away from the bed and use paint and decorative elements to visually separate the work area from the sleeping area. All you need now is a desk, a chair and maybe some floating shelves that will go with the rest of the décor.

Another great idea for incorporating an office in your bedroom is to replace a nightstand with a desk and a comfy chair that match the bed ensemble. Make your work place look like an extension of your sleep place and not like something out of the ordinary.

Home Office With A View

Home décor is all about making the space work for you and your needs. If your living room has large windows, think about placing a desk in front of them and place a bookshelf in the closest corner for stocking office supplies. Be sure the desk matches the rest of the furniture in the room for an impeccable result.

Formal Home Office

If you cannot stop thinking at that proper formal home office, consider freeing up an entire wall in your living room. Now you can select the wallpaper you would like to have in your office and use it on the wall, after that find a desk and a chair that blend in perfectly with the wallpaper. Decorate your desk and your wall with paintings and other things you like to see on around your desk every day.

Home Office Corner

Any unused corner of the house can be transformed in a home office with a little bit of creativity and work. The best way to integrate an office in any room is to keep in mind that your office does not have to be a traditional one and that the workspace should be similar to the rest of the room or on the contrary, completely contrasting. Sometimes all you need is a table, a chair and a lamp to create a simple and chic home office.

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