Compact Bathrooms: Great Things Come in Small Packages

When flipping through glossy brochures from bathroom manufacturers, almost everything looks good scattered over the insanely vast spaces they feature. Now lets be realistic, most homes do not have rooms of such enormous dimensions, so I have searched out the best examples of compact proportions, awkward shapes, and constricted corridor-like layouts…



In smaller homes, every centimetre is important. Consider washbasins and loos that can be wall mounted, as the unobstructed floor area will create the feeling of more space. A generously sized mirror is always a great idea in any room, besides being useful it will bounce light around and trick the eye into seeing a more open space.

Look around you, every small wall nook could present a storage solution by installing bespoke shelving to display your more attractive lotions and potions, but be sure to hide away the majority of inevitable bathroom paraphernalia in cleverly concealed storage, such as behind your mirror, as too much clutter will only bring the space in further.

A large slab tile, or elongated brick tile will visually expand your walls, or go all the way to the other end of the spectrum and use banks of mosaic tiles for a detailed lavish finish; a combination of two or three tile sizes can provide stunning results, but stick to shades of the same colour family for a cohesive look. Ignore the ancient rulebook that small rooms must be restricted to the pale end of the colour palette, dark colours can create a fabulously luxurious feel in the tiniest space.

The conclusion? Great things really do come in small packages!

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