Choosing Bathroom Mirrors for Your Home

Bathroom mirrors are great for adding character and style to your home. Today they are more than just a reflector that reassures you that you look awake in the mornings! However many people don’t seem to take much consideration when purchasing and installing mirrors for bathrooms and thus end up with unstylish, unappealing and unwelcoming vanity areas. There are a few things worth considering about bathroom mirrors to avoid the common mistakes made by so many folks.

They Are Not All the Same

Mirrors used in living rooms or bedrooms have a distinctive difference with bathroom mirrors. According to building codes, bathroom mirrors should all confirm to safety regulations, which in simple terms means that they should be made of tempered glass so that common glass injuries can be avoided.

Bathroom Size

In large sized bathrooms one has the freedom and luxury of choosing any style of bathroom mirror they desire, however this isn’t always the case for the more modest small sized bathrooms. To create an illusion of more space, you could opt for a frameless mirror that covers an entire wall. Complement this with vertical lighting rather than horizontal. It is important to have plenty of additional lighting if there is an insufficient source of natural light.


Different bathroom mirror shapes produce different effects. Neat rounded cornered mirrors give a simple statement, whether framed or unframed. On the other hand, vertical mirrors produce the illusion of added space and height, whilst horizontal placed mirrors are more suitable for larger bathrooms.

Personal Style

As is the case with any type of furniture or accessory, your own personal taste should come into play. Your décor speaks about you and your character and so it is important to go for something that fits in with, and pleases, your taste and personality. Always be sure to select a piece that is something you can show off to your guests and be proud of, rather than just following a trend.


This factor largely depends on where the mirror will be placed in your bathroom and the design of your bathroom. One can never get away with buying a cheap quality bathroom mirror. It is imperative that you choose a thick moisture resistant frameless mirror. This not only lasts longer but also prevents the growth of mold on your mirror, which is always unsightly.


It is easy to get carried away when purchasing a mirror for your bathroom and choose an elegant mirror that surpasses your budget. Shop around and go to a home improvement store. Think about the number of years you intend to get use out of your mirror and if there are any added accessories that will be bought to complement the functionality of the mirror. Be realistic, sometimes a higher cost doesn’t mean better quality.

Frame Design

If you do decide to have a frame design, it’s good to know that they all have different effects to the bathroom. Timber frames enhance depth and color of the whole area surrounding the mirror, whilst frosted mirrors have a sleek and modern finish. Bevel framed edges have an elegant appearance.

Where to Shop

Of course, one of the most important things to figure out is where to go to purchase your perfect bathroom mirrors. Although some people spend hours trawling around shops on a weekend, you may find it easier, cheaper and more convenient to shop online. The benefits of choosing to buy your mirror online are many and varied, such as taking advantage of special offers you would not be able to get in store, or having the product delivered directly to your home.

We hope this gives you a better insight whilst choosing a bathroom mirror, to add great style and function to your home.


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