Why a Relaxing Bedroom Scheme Deserves a Relaxing Mattress

You’ve worked hard to bring harmony and relaxation to your bedroom by researching colors and textures that invite to sweet dreams and restful slumber. You’ve probably combined two or three different colors to make the room elegant, you have fuzzy carpets so when you get out of bed your feet won’t be cold, and there are some luxurious sheets covering your mattress.

With all the work and money invested you should be sleeping like a king. But you’re not, are you? If something seems out of place and quite wrong it’s because you forgot one of the most important elements when it comes to good sleep: the mattress!

A relaxing mattress is just as important as the rest of the room if you really want those sweet dreams, and I will give you some important pointers as to why this is true.

1. Old Mattresses Aren’t Relaxing

If you feel your aching joints start to match the squeaks of your mattress, it’s time to include a new mattress in your scheme re-design plans. According to specialists, a mattress will start deteriorating after 7 or 8 years of use (and that is regardless of your warranty’s length). Even though the warranty says 20 years, even the best mattress needs changing after maximum 10 years of constant use.

2. The Right Mattress Means No Back Pain

We all go through back pain at a certain moment in life, but very few of us know the pain comes from the surface we sleep on. After all, haven’t you had those mornings when you wake up stiff, tired, and achy? That’s not necessarily because you stayed up late, partying!

So, if you want complete and utter relaxation, look for a mattress with proper back support. This way, when you lay in bed admiring your beautiful new curtains, your spine will finally have a chance to decompress, releasing the tension accumulated during the day.

3. Inclusion in the Color Scheme

While it may not have something to do with relaxation, there is a popular design belief that says the color you wrap your mattress with should match the color of the curtains. This allows for continuity and creates a wonderful flow of energy from the window to the bed.

So, while it may not be relaxing for the body, it is nice and breezy on the eye and mind.

4. Energetic Influences

We spend one-third of our lives in bed (mostly sleeping) so I guess you can say this is our charging spot. Sleep is a way to let go of the day that’s ending and look forward to a day that’s about to start. So why not use everything in your power to incline the energetic balance in your favor?

A beautiful, elegant bedroom can only be complete with a gorgeous bed where you’ll feel treated like royalty. The soft sheets and fluffy pillows are mere accessories and, while they do help with the comfort, there’s nothing comfier than the right mattress for your needs. Just imagine how good your mornings will be from now on!

5. New Designs

Finally, a new mattress will help with the entire room’s design since most new models are created with elegance in mind. And you don’t have to buy an expensive pillowtop to reap the benefits of a beautiful design since all manufacturers these days tend to use nice materials for the cover.

But it’s not just the cover that will impress your eye; new designs are taller and the surface is not saggy, creating the impression of a luxurious bed setting. With the right linen and a few cute decorative pillows, your bedroom will compete with magazine settings!

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