How LED Lighting Can Improve your Home Life

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Writer: Chris Balme
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There can be a tendency amongst homeowners to stock up on cheap and inefficient light bulbs, seeing this as a straight forward way in which to save money to spend on more exciting ventures. This false economy soon comes undone when energy bills and replacement proclivity are examined and the alternative is proposed.

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LED Bulb Prices

Per unit, an LED bulb is usually more costly than its halogen alternative. Although this gap is closing due to ever-improving LED production methods and standards, it is enough to put many people off from investing in the technology. However, investing in LED lighting could vastly improve your financial fortune.

Energy Efficiency Comparison

The average LED bulb is more than 8 times as energy efficient as its halogen counterpart, meaning that monthly electricity bills will be significantly smaller with an upgrade of technology. A three bedroom home may have upwards of 30 bulbs throughout the various rooms – thus lowered costs throughout these rooms could have a significant, positive effect upon your monthly bills.

This energy efficiency also translates into a longer life for the bulbs, meaning that you will be replacing them far less frequently. This decreases the chance that you will be plunged into the darkness by a faltering light and reduces the replacement costs.


Additionally, there are a number of non-monetary reasons for investing in LED lighting. Those with children have to ever vigilant against their child touching hot bulbs and scalding themselves. LED bulbs turn a higher percentage of their energy into light so very little is transferred into heat, making them safer for people to touch. Whilst it isn’t advisable to touch bulbs at any time, parents will be able to worry a little less about their children burning themselves.

This lack of heat produced by LED bulbs makes them far preferable for art lovers. The heat from bulbs, especially those directed at pieces of art, can in the long-term cause considerable damage to the pieces. The natural-looking light that is produced by LED bulbs can also help them be viewed how the artist originally intended.

Environmental Effect

The most far-reaching and long-lasting benefit of LED technology is the reduced effect that it has on the environment. The far greater energy efficiency means that the bulbs produce significantly less carbon emissions than halogen alternatives. Meaning that you’re saving the planet whilst you’re saving the pennies.

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