Four Exotic Pool Designs

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Writer: Patricia Hogenes
Bio: Whilst Patricia works part time as an apartment leasing agent, her real loves are her 3 kids, and having fun at the family pool.


swimming-pool-holiday-vacationFor the pool owner who just wants function, a rectangular pool design works just fine; but for those who want a pool that adds a picturesque element to their back yard, sometimes a more eye catching design is better. Here are four pool designs which add that exotic flair:

Infinity Pool

For the homeowner who is fortunate enough to live high on a hillside, an infinity pool will accentuate the view. The basic concept is to have the edge of the pool that overlooks the view only built up to water level, this brings about the effect of no apparent break between the side of the swimming pool and the view.

If the pool is overlooking a beach or lake, the owner gains the stunning effect of the pool visually extending out into the natural body of water, making this an excellent design to take advantage of the existing scenery available. Imagine sitting out next to the pool and looking out at an endless sea of water – the infinity pool concept can make that happen.

Rock Pool

If there’s not a stunning view available, add a rock wall or rock formation alongside the pool. For instance, if the pool has a slight hillside between the perimeter and the back yard fence, a rock formation built across that hillside can add a stunning effect.

The rock formation can be built up to and alongside one wall of the pool, or even incorporated into the design of other walls of the swimming pool as well. Now the swimmer is in an exotic locale, heightened and accented by the rocks. With a few palm trees, that back yard without a view can turn into a jungle paradise.

Pool With a Lighted Wall

If there’s not much room to work with, consider adding an 8 to 10 foot wall at one end of the pool, with fountains cascading into the water. With effective use of lighting to accent the wall – for instance soft blue lights that shine up at the wall from the base, the pool has its own waterfall, without using a lot of room at all. The wall can also provide a useful privacy element, blocking the pool from other houses, and affording the owner a small haven to enjoy. Sitting out by the pool in the evening, looking at the soft lighting while listening to the soft trickle of water, can make the pool the perfect place to wind down after a long day at work.

A Curved Pool

An oval pool can provide a wonderful visual for the back yard. The accent touch of curves instead of square edges and walls can allow the owner to enjoy the view any time they walk out into the back yard. If there’s room for a hot tub, have it incorporate the same oval design, creating concentric circles that only enhance the visual effect. Of course, a curved design doesn’t have to be just a big oval, there can be several curves along the sides to capture more of the departure from straight walls. The design possibilities are endless, depending on the layout of the area, the space available, and the imagination of the pool owner. The basic question – what will be visually appealing to that particular swimming pool owner?

A homeowner can make the design of the home pool part of the scenery by using exotic elements, but installing these types of pools is not a project for the do it yourself homeowner. Using the back yard space effectively by working with what is available; a pool both functional and appealing can make the pool a favorite place to spend time.

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