Creating a Modern Bachelor Pad

Modern decor is cool, sleek, and sophisticated; perfect for those looking for something simple without sacrificing personality. Basing the interior design of your home around edgy, contemporary pieces make it easier to add interesting personal touches without the overall look of the decor becoming disorganised. Follow these three guidelines to help decorate your dream modern bachelor pad.

Don’t be Afraid of Neutrals

The high contrast black and white colour scheme has been around for a while, prevent your monochrome palette from appearing predictable by complimenting the high contrast with soothing neutrals, or pops of colour here and there. If you do want to go for the stark monochromatic look in your modern bachelor pad then you could accent with striking pieces of furniture, try switching it up with some comfy textured pieces like a knitted throw blanket for the sofa, or you could bring some life into the space with plants. Take a look at some of these living room designs to see how black, white, and grey can work together with colour and neutrals.

Show your Personality

People want to see your personality reflected in your home, especially if they’re a brand new visitor or someone you’re trying to impress, so don’t be afraid to jazz it up and go for some unexpected touches. There are a multitude of interesting fabrics available for sofas, you could even use one of your own. You can show off some of your interests in a cool way by having a display of different artwork in frames above your sofa or bed. Movie buff? Try framing some of your favourite film posters. No matter what your interests are chances are you can find lots of related public domain images online and have them printed.

Keep things Clean

Whilst cool details and well-arranged knickknacks can provide a perfect finishing touch to your modern bachelor pad, a messy house isn’t very impressive. Having a cluttered home won’t work if you’re trying to exude a contemporary sense of style. If your home is small, keep things tucked away rather than scattered about in the open, and store them in stylish storage containers rather than stuffed in tatty cardboard boxes.

Consider every bit of space that you have, including underneath your bed and all the way up to the ceiling. You can add shelves to unused walls to store some of your more visually appealing items like books or meaningful trinkets. If you have trouble keeping things clean and clear then try to get in the habit of clearing just one small thing when you have 5 minutes of time: make the bed, put a load of washing in the machine, or pick up and discard of any rubbish that’s lying around. Once you’ve completed just one or two things you’ll realise that cleaning really isn’t as daunting a task as you thought, and you could be willing to do even more!

If you’re thinking of transforming your bachelor pad into something a little more sophisticated, following these tips will help you to create something modern and unique that will impress all of your guests and most importantly be a comfortable space that is a great reflection of yourself.

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