Breathe Colour into Your Living Room

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Writer: Nik A Ramli
Bio: Interior designer and writer of music biography ‘Donna Summer The Thrill Goes On – A Tribute’


Seasons come and go, but once winter cuts days short and a chill is in the air, one way to improve your mood is to brighten up your home with a new colour scheme; here are a few of my tips on how to colour your living room.

First of all, as I have always advised my clients and everybody that read my tips, it is your home and do whatever you like…but it might help to read around to find inspiration from the experts…

Colour a Focal Point

Living rooms commonly have a fire place, especially in older homes. Use this feature as a focal point by painting the wall in a different hue. You can also use wallpaper or any decorative items such as mirrors, photographs or large paintings to add to that wow factor. This is an opportunity to use a bold colour because it is a relatively small area.

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Colourful Home Accessories

However if you prefer to leave the walls cool and white then you can liven things up with some splashes of colour. Here you can see a white room with high gloss furniture. The space is injected with colour accents in the form of paintings, objects and some sofa throws.



A Fresh Scheme

Colour is an important element in the design of your home. I love red, green and some earthy colours. See this attractive image as an example. Lime green and white can never go wrong giving a cool elegant and modern look that is cosy at the same time.


Warm Colours

If you prefer a little splash of pink then look no further! The bold colour and geometric design of this wallpaper makes an immediate and powerful statement. It is complemented by the rug and an element of fun is added by the ‘swing’ chair. These colours and patterns give a retro look to the room.

Carry on searching for decor inspiration, and I hope you achieve the look you long for!

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