4 Ways to Save Money on Interior Design

Every homeowner would love to have a professional interior designer on the job when remodeling or renovating their homes. However, sometimes that just isn’t an affordable option so they are left looking for ways to complete the project without spending more money than they can afford. If you are looking for ways to save money on interior design, here are four ways to get you started.

Contemporary home interior

1. Compare Costs between DIY and Professional Contractors

One thing that may not be apparent at first is that there are times when you can get more for your money with a professional contractor. Most often, a DIY project will save you a considerable amount of money but there are times when the tools you would need to complete the job would cost more to buy or rent than it would to simply hire a pro to do the job in the first place. Before making a decision to do it yourself, do some calculations to see which route would save you money.

2. Put Your Talents to Work

Some people like to dabble with painting while others sew, knit, crochet, macramé or do other assorted artsy hobbies. No matter what your talent, put it to work for you! For example, if you are into macramé and making any sort of needle crafts or beading, you might be interested in adding finishing touches to your Native American décor with a few hand-made authentic pieces. Why not check out a dream catcher tutorial to make one that will be unique to your home, with your color scheme in mind and all for a fraction of the cost of buying one made by a commercial company or high-priced artist?

3. Shop the Local Thrift Stores

So many times it is possible to run across a real find at thrift stores. People have said they bought priceless antiques for literally pennies and as a result, swear by thrift store shopping. Whether looking for furniture or decorations, you can often find just what you are looking for and the price tag will be beyond belief. It could be that you may need to refinish that solid oak table, but when buying something priced that low, you can afford to take a weekend to do the sanding and staining yourself.

4. High End vs. Generic

Are you looking to reupholster your couches and easy chairs? Perhaps you are looking to make new drapes or bed linens. Quite often you can find just what you are looking for in an off-the-shelf fabric that doesn’t carry the name of a famous designer or the price tag to match that name. Before buying designer anything, take the time to see if a generic or off-the-shelf solution will work equally well for you. If so, this could also save you hundreds and hundreds in cash.

While it is true that remodeling your home can cost a pretty penny, it is also true that you can find ways to complete your project for so much less money. Having a beautiful home doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot, it just means that you have to do more with the little you have to spend.

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