Understanding the Benefit of Wood Treatments

wood-pattern-ground-parquet-floor-mediumMaintaining wood floors is much cheaper than replacing them. However, there are a lot of areas to consider before you go touching them up. Do you want to enhance the current look and finish of your wood? Or would you rather add some gloss or shine to them? Whichever you choose the most important factors to consider is the quality of the floors once they have been finished, as well as their durability.

All-in-one Floor Treatment

If you are looking for an all-in-one flooring product then you should consider a hardwax oil. As a hard-working multi-tasker, this oil not only enhances the look of the wood, it also adds a layer of protectant and more. Whether you are a professional contractor who repairs wood flooring on a regular basis throughout many different homes, or simply a homeowner looking for a quick and cost effective update, these could be the solution for your projects.

When combined with compatible products they can also allow you to create a smooth finish with a beautiful aged effect, so your much loved wooden floor doesn’t have to lose any character due to an overly “just finished” look. Effective results can be achieved on many different types of wood, and with only about an hour between applications it’s possible to get through multiple rooms in just one day. There are 14 different colors available, and this being an effective, environmentally clean and safe product is of course a huge plus too, so there is something to please everyone.

Natural Look Flooring

On the other hand, if you are looking to keep the natural unfinished colour of the wood then there are other options available. Consider using wood floor oil instead. With the same quick drying technology you can enhance the natural look of your wood floors rather than changing their appearance. Just simply roll on a coat and within an hour you can be back to walking around on the floor. You are simply applying a clear matt finish that will retain the current look of the floor, but also brings out the natural beauty whilst adding a protective layer and sealant. Sometimes it’s about protecting what you have rather than altering the look.

Follow this quick and easy advice to repairing drab floors, or protecting the current look of what you have now; a little added maintenance now will save you the time and money of replacing them in the future. With quality products that are both effective and cheap, why not get started right away.

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