Uncommon Uses for Your Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are probably the most versatile of kitchen appliances and you’re missing out if you’re using this device solely for its original purpose. A little experimentation could mean easily produced rice pots full of piping hot soups, chili, curries and even delicious chocolate cakes.

Grab your recipe book, take that rice cooker out of its hiding place and get creative in the kitchen.

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Not Just For Rice

This simple cooker implement has been a staple device for years and loved by people who are short on kitchen space. The heating element can be set to warm, cook, quick-cook, boil or simmer (depending on the model) and it’s fully automatic meaning it seemingly by magic knows how to cook perfect rice every time. Yes, this machine will cook fluffy ‘restaurant quality’ rice and most versions will be able to steam a variety of foods including fish and vegetables. But devotees have been using this inexpensive device to cook a lot more than rice and it’s fast becoming a ‘must have’ kitchen appliance, and an alternative to a full-sized oven.

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Soup Made Easy

Soup is a simple creation and for some reason it’s all the more tastier if it’s home-made. Chop up those vegetables, add enough water, lentils, spices and even ground beef and throw it all into the pot, there are endless recipes to make so get experimenting. Always remember that some of the ingredients will take longer to cook than others, and will need to be added at specific times during the cooking process. If you’ve never cooked soup in this manner then it may take some trial and error; you can also make as much as you want before storing it to be heated up when required.

Get Cooking

Some people claim to have baked bread using this machine, but if that does seem a bit too adventurous you can also use it to make porridge, boil eggs and heat up beans. Inexpensive and hearty stews can be made and many people use it to cook delicious chicken curries; just throw the ingredients into the pot and substitute vegetables for chicken if you’re a vegetarian. A bonus is slow cooking your food by adding more water and allowing a little additional time.

Dinner-time Favourites

There’s not much that can’t be cooked in a rice-cooker and it’s versatile enough to cook pasta and noodles, as well as those necessary sauces. Serve up some delicious paella or how about a chicken casserole; purchase some cooked chicken, add in a little stock, vegetables and some corn flour to thicken then relax as it cooks away. Some kitchen creatives actually use this cooker to make moist chocolate lave cake in around two hours (sometimes more) using the slow-cooker setting.

Don’t be scared to experiment a little. Some trial and error when you first begin will mean you’ll eventually become an expert with this cooking instrument. Once you’ve discovered this cooker’s benefits you’ll be able to make breakfast, lunch and dinner with a minimum of fuss and with less expense than a large oven.

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