The Best Lighting for Creating Luxurious Interiors

We all love luxury. When visitors step into our homes, we want them to admire our decadence, sophistication, and good taste, and lighting plays a key part in crafting a luxurious yet laidback atmosphere.

Coupled with soft faux fur accessories, overstuffed cushions, and plush cream carpets, the right lighting effects create a home that’s simply made for relaxation and entertaining friends, and which it would be an utter crime not to open a bottle or two of champagne in.

If you want to achieve that luxurious look in your property, then here are a few lighting tips to help you…


Chandeliers are the ultimate ode to luxury, and there are some exquisite options to choose from. Placed in your entrance hall, the right piece will create the perfect first impression, and will set the tone for the rest of your house. Light refracting designs are particularly beautiful, and will throw a rainbow of illumination across the walls and floors to welcome guests to your home.


Spotlights will help you to complete the effect, highlighting the most eye-catching parts of your property. Carefully selected and placed, use them to illuminate the areas where you’ll be entertaining, whilst casting the rest of the room in comforting shadow. This creates the perfect atmosphere for evening gatherings, especially when a bottle or two of wine is involved.


Scented candles also deserve a place amongst your home décor must haves, and the delicious options available from companies like Yankee Candle will help to refine the feel of your whole property. Rich, deep scents such as vanilla are particularly perfect for creating a laidback, relaxed atmosphere, and the soft flicker of candlelight will only add to the overall effect.


If you need one final piece of inspiration, then consider investing in some mirrors to place around your home. Although they clearly don’t fit under the definition of a light source, they can maximise the impact of spotlights and candles, helping to illuminate and enlarge your property inexpensively. They’re most effective when positioned opposite the interior feature that you would like to emphasise, although hanging them across the room from a window is a fantastic way to boost the natural sunlight that comes into your home.

It’s amazing how much of a difference such simple additions to your home can make, and yet the way you use and enhance your lighting features can utterly transform a property, creating a real feeling of luxuriance and relaxation. Why not indulge in an interior shopping spree today to see how you can improve your house?

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