My Home Rockstars: Tonisha Ramona (Interior Stylist)

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Tonisha Ramona, Interior Stylist
Plush Interior Design.

We’re casting our spotlight on Tonisha Ramona, owner of Plush Interior Design, who prides herself on changing people’s lives through changing the way that they live. By tuning into her clients lifestyle and personality, she draws her inspiration solely from who they are as an individual, which is why she works under the title of ‘Interior Stylist’ rather than ‘Interior Designer’.

A designer can often focus on what is en vogue, whereas Tonisha prides herself on tailoring a space specifically for each person or family, to create a place that is perfectly unique to them.

Time For a Quick Q&A…

Tell us Tonisha, what first attracted you to the wonderful world of home interiors?

A) Tonisha: The love for fashion, colours, and space. I also like the idea that you can create whatever life you want for yourself starting with the home that you create; so the place where you start your day, and the place where you end your day, can really depict the type of life you live.

Q) MHR: Which room of the home do you most enjoy styling, and why?

A) Tonisha: My favourite room in the home to style would be the living room–powder rooms are really fun because they are a nice small room that can have such a big impact if it’s done in a particular way–but I would say the living room because it’s where a lot of the memories are made. It’s a space that is shared by most when living, entertaining and creating and growing a family. The living room also can have so many layers and dimensions to it because of the different ways that it’s used.

Q) MHR: You tailor interior spaces to suit each client, but what is your own personal favourite design style?

A) Tonisha: I genuinely love so many different styles. I like classic elements, I also like glamour and I love rock & roll–with metal and nail heads on the back of a chair, or metal accessories–there’s nothing like it to glam up a space…

But, I also love antiques and rustic elements, or a nice chair made in the 1920’s. Then, I’m a modern woman as well, so I like a lot of furnishings made in the 1950’s and Scandinavian style furnishings. I even tell my clients, you’re not one-dimensional, we have so many different dimensions to us as individuals, and your home should reflect that. So, the best way I could sum that up is: classic, glamorous and rock & roll!

Q) MHR: Who would your dream home style client be?

A) Tonisha: That’s a really good question! I would say Lady Gaga would be my dream client. I think that she’s the one client where I would really be able to tap into so many different styles, and so many different facets and levels to what art and creativity really can lend itself to interior design. I could really see that being a fun job–a very challenging task–but a fun job, in trying to reflect all of her different layers.

MHR: Thanks for sharing with us Tonisha!

Video Interview:

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