My Home Rocks Tours: The Beasley’s Mini Barn

When Marcy sent in pictures of her family’s miniature barn shed in Mobile, Alabama, it morphed me into a little girl again–because all I wanted to do was run inside and play house!

This cute storage cabin was designed and built by Marcy’s talented dad, Malcolm, to replace a smaller hut that was falling apart after years of heavy use stashing away tools, and being stuffed with the contents of the garden when a Hurricane threatened the area.

Helped out by daughter Marcy, son Neil, and supervised by old friend Tiger the dog, Malcolm laid the foundations for the Beasley family barn.

Garden Storage

With teamwork, the frame was pieced together for the wall, and raised up to be nailed into place, Marcy recalls “God help ya if you got it out of square!” Next the roof joists were installed, shingles fixed in place, and internal shelving was fitted to organize all of the family’s DIY & garden paraphernalia.

The right-hand section of the structure, complete with stylised double doors, has a handy ramp to provide an easy pathway for the lawnmower, whilst the lean-to on the left side is used as a neat lumber storage area.

Finishing Touches

Once the project was complete, and the original shed was finally hauled away, pretty little window boxes were added as the cherry on the cake.

Thank you Marcy, for sharing your family’s hard work with us on My Home Rocks Tours!

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