Making Sure Your Modern House is Matched to Modern Windows

wood-house-modern-mediumContemporary homes are one of the biggest talking-points in property right now. There are umpteen television shows promoting these sleek, modern designs and a lot of the time, they rely heavily on glass. It’s not uncommon for entire walls to be completely glazed – this is something which is par for the course when it comes to modern architecture.

It means that it has never been more important to get your choice of window treatment right down to a tee. In the traditional dwelling, you might get away with the odd bad decision. In the contemporary one, it’s there for the world to see.

Unfortunately, these decisions are no longer as easy as they once were. It would be fair to say that the blinds industry was once a little restrictive, with few designs and styles available. Now, the landscape has changed and as well as the different styles, there are a whole host of different technologies. If you have been put in charge of tinkering with your window treatments, the rest of this guide is for you.

Motorized Blinds

First and foremost, we should give a mention to the technologies. If you do happen to reside in one of those modern glass homes, pulling ten different blinds cords certainly isn’t going to be a viable option every evening as you bid say goodnight.

This is where the motorized blind comes in. They have been designed purely for those inaccessible windows and considering some of the weird and wonderful positions that most modern architects place glazing, these types of houses are ideal candidates for the technology. They can manipulate the amount of natural light that’s allowed into the room in a flash and for the contemporary home, this is perfect.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to go motorized, there are countless styles that have been specifically designed for those homeowners seeking that modern appearance.

Traditional Blinds

Now let’s filter through a few options which most of you should avoid. Admittedly, some contemporary houses might look the complete part decked in these blind styles, but on the whole they are not recommended if you are looking to pull off the modern style.

Roman shades are probably the primary type that fall into this category and their “heavy” appearance means that they just aren’t suited to today’s modern designs. The pleated option is probably another that isn’t advisable, with the heavy reliance on textiles being something else that just isn’t appropriate for this type of decoration.

Instead, you should be opting for more natural materials – with natural wood being a favourite. If your budget doesn’t allow this, faux wood can pull off a similar effect at a fraction of the cost, while some people might opt for aluminium if they want a somewhat different, but still modern, appearance.

We’ve really just scratched the surface when it comes to decking the modern home with window treatments; the main direction being to embrace modern technology, whilst avoiding the heavier traditional types of blinds which rely heavily on fabrics. Stick to this and you should be able to achieve effective finishing touches to your new, contemporary property.


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