Glass Splashbacks

Glass; beautiful to look at, durable and easy to clean, designers love to work with the versatile medium which brings a natural shimmer and translucence to your kitchen. There is a large range of attractive design options that can put you in the creative driving seat. Your glass splashbacks can provide the opportunity to express your unique individual style, as well as protecting kitchen walls from splashes and stains.

Stunning Colours

The inspiring colours available in glass splashbacks are ever-growing, whether your kitchen is crying out for some cool elegance in shades of blue or pale turquoise, sensual deep hues for a warmer evening ambiance, or bold and vibrant contrasts, you will easily find a palette to suit.

Shimmers and Sparkles

For a touch of added glamour, coloured glass splashbacks can be customised with rainbow or satin sparkles. This dusting of shimmer offers lustrous depth to your splashback colours and is particularly pretty under artificial or candle-light. The subtly animated effect achieved by the visual of dancing light can really add instant wow factor to the heart of the home.

Mirror Stripes

To enhance the clean sheen of chrome and steel appliances, a contemporary mirrored splashback is an adventurous option that combines classical elegance with a modern twist. Surrounding mirrored surfaces lend depth and spaciousness to even the smallest of kitchen spaces.

Custom Artwork


Nothing expresses individual creative flair quite like a kitchen design featuring patterns, prints or artwork of your own choosing. There are various companies that will take your original design and incorporate a digital version into the toughened glass manufacturing process.

The end result is a dazzling touch of personal style. You could even create a proud central display place for one of your family’s much loved mantras.

For centuries glass has been used by artists and architects to create spaces that inspire. Now, customised glass splashbacks give you the opportunity to realise your own design vision and maybe even create an inspirational environment for your family and friends.


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