DIY Headboard Ideas

A headboard forms the focal point in a bedroom, and is the crowning glory of the place in which you spend a third of your lifetime–or longer if you’re partial to a lie-in like me. As you shop for a distinctive piece that will both compliment your décor and say something about you, the designs on offer all begin to fall into rather predictable boxes, and pretty soon you’re bedroom looks like at least four others on the street. So, why stick within the tame boundaries laid out for us? Forget the nightcap, it’s time to get your thinking cap on.

Here’s my selection of DIY headboards with bags of personality, especially for those of you that have asked a sales assistant for something ‘a bit different’ only to be looked at blankly and shown the newest delivery of the ‘same old same old’, and for those searching for something to fit their scheme just right.

A great money saving option is to draw or paint a headboard straight onto the wall, just sketch out your design using a level (or not if you’re after a free flowing whimsical look) and use tape to mask off straight edges to make painting within the lines a little easier.

If you are someone who changes their mind, or their style, a lot, try decorating your feature wall in blackboard paint and chalking out a masterpiece that you can change as often as you change your sheets!

A chalkboard also provides the opportunity to scribble down those niggling worries we have as we’re trying to fall asleep, so keep a stick of chalk on the nightstand to transfer your thoughts onto the wall and out of your head until morning.

A household that prides itself on a neat bank of recycling bins and upcycled furniture might like the idea of repurposing wooden pallets (which you can often pick up completely free of charge on ebay), or using reclaimed doors, shutters, screens or a mantelpiece at the head of the bed. It’s a fabulous way to reduce the large items of waste we send to landfill sites, and exude individuality.

So remember to dream big, and we might wake up to a dawn of unique headboard design!

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