Different Birdhouses for Different Birds


Via House of Fifty

Birdhouses have became a great trend in interiors, used to prettily decorate the shelves of our living rooms and hallways, but let us not forget the real purpose of these mini houses. Birdhouses provide an ideal nesting environment for the many species of small birds that seem to be having a difficult time of it nowadays.

Many birds that were widespread just years ago are now seen quite rarely, and a number of species are in danger of extinction. Installing a bird box in your garden is just a small thing, but every small thing helps the bigger picture.

Bird Boxes and Bird Types

There are many different kinds of bird boxes and different designs are suitable for different kinds of birds. Birds that prefer bird boxes with holes include: the Blue Tit, the Great Tit, the Coal Tit, the Marsh Tit, and the Willow Tit. Sparrows also love them as do Redstarts and the Nuthatch. Open fronted nest boxes suit birds such as Robins, Wrens & Spotted Flycatchers.

Educational Tool

A bird box in your garden not only provides a home for these birds, it is an ideal educational tool from which we can learn a great deal about the birds that use it. We can observe their nesting habits, the ways in which they look after their eggs, how they feed their young, and how the young emerge into the world and take flight. It’s a great way to encourage young children to take an interest in nature as well as providing great photo opportunities.

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