Decorating Your Home for Christmas

While some may get sentimentally attached to those battered confections of tinsel and glitter that are hauled out every year for holiday decorations, traditional festive ornaments can become so shabby that sentiment has to give way to reason. Now is the time to rethink traditional Christmas décor and make some inspired changes.

Christmas Trees

Every year after Christmas, we must dispose of the tree or plant it outside – and so the clean-up job begins. To catch all the escaped pine needles, carpeted living rooms need to be thoroughly and regularly vacuumed for months, but with wooden floors, one clean sweep and they magically disappear. If a traditional tree is a must this Christmas, learn more about beautiful hardwood flooring as this can help take the hassle out of after-Christmas house cleaning.

Those who are seeking alternative eco-friendly options to a real tree, such as one made from recycled cardboard or plywood, will enjoy the fabulous contemporary designs available, as well as the fact that these trees can be painted and decorated according to personal taste. Both options are relatively inexpensive. A superb effect can be created by painting a wooden or cardboard tree silver and using single color decorations – how about shades of blue for a great alternative to the traditional red and green mix?

Room Decorations

Without going overboard, it’s really lovely to give each room in the house a touch of Christmas magic by discreetly dangling pretty, sophisticated ornaments from the ceiling in strategic corners. Most craft centers will have a range of beautiful objects, including metallic snowflake strings or delightfully plain rattan stars, which lend a real homespun touch to the Christmas décor.

Christmas Lighting

Once upon a time, candles provided the only twinkling lights associated with sparkling Christmas decorations. Of course Grandma’s elegant candelabra may still have a place on the festive dining room table, but those looking for a modern alternative should consider petite tea light holders in Christmas silhouettes, which look superb when clustered in the corner of a dining area or centre stage along a table runner. Perfect for casting a warm, glowing ambiance during a festive meal, whilst remaining low and out of eye-line so as not to hinder Christmas conversation with the family.

Festive Entrance, Hallway and Stairs

During Christmas, a holly wreath on the door along with a ribbon-bedecked banister will welcome every visitor into a truly festive home. Traditional colors like green, red and white have always worked well when adorning the house but don’t be afraid to try something bright and different. Try placing a few scented pinecones in a decorative bowl to give the home a great smell as guests are welcomed in too.

An alternative idea for decorating a tight space such as a small lobby is to use a vinyl wall decal, available in the shape of Christmas trees, stars and snowmen, to brighten up smooth blank surfaces. Tacking on velvet bows and ribbons can achieve a fun three dimensional effect.

Outdoor Decorations

If there are trees in the yard, they are just longing to be illuminated for Christmas. Outdoor lights will sparkle and shine after dark and turn the home into a center of holiday festivities. Apartment dwellers can decorate a balcony or simply string their outdoor lights around the outside of a window frame.

How do you decorate for Christmas?

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