Cool Katz Accessories

Always on the lookout for home accessories and furniture that break away from the norm, I stumbled upon this amazing collection by Latvian company, Katz.

Founded by designer Stanislav Katz and marketeer Dmitry Holomyov, the company aim “to deliver creative and provocative ideas in form of attractive objects that could make our life a bit more colorful and less boring” and we think they’ve pretty much cracked it. The team break away from patterned thinking, and instead challenge preconceived ideas and shapes to achieve some truly unique pieces.

Several of their visions are still in the developmental stage but they tease us with them anyway, like their ingenious clocks for example. The Suprematism Clock appears as a geometric piece of moving art, whist the Fan Clock is a concept that plays with the  conventional analog setup of ‘little hand, big hand’ by connecting the two with a colourful concertina that stretches out or shrinks to suit the hour. These clocks would look fantastic in a modern monochrome room scheme, as would the Katz black or white Bat Mirror. Whether or not you are a Batman fan, you can appreciate the beautiful baroque styling of this mirror frame, but true comic book fans will relish the second glance silver silhouette; imagine the (unofficial) Bruce Wayne inspired piece mounted in a hallway, with this Bat Coathanger dangling on a nearby peg to throw your cape on: “Holy lads-pad-heaven Batman!”

Now from Batman to Fat Man, with the Fat Man Lamp; a quirky if slightly traumatic light design, but hey if you don’t mind the view of bombs dropping over head then this one is for you, try installing in multiples for explosive impact.

The furniture compositions are irregular in shape and undulating, ignoring rules and rulers. The 4 Vase Cabinet takes the curves of the French bombe a step further looking exactly as the name suggests, an amalgamation of four vessels, whilst the aptly named Drawers Chest cuts and curves into eight drawers, a sublime hideaway for household junk!

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Drawers Chest

The Console Bookshelf invites the reader to lounge within it on a soft, springy pad that pops with colour.

The 4 Vase Cabinet

Fatman Bomb Lamp Light

The handmade, neo-baroque Decay Shelves

Conceptual Manga Headboard


See the Fan Clock in action:

See the Suprematism Clock in action:


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