A Conservatory for Christmas

If you’re thinking of a home improvement project in the form of a conservatory, you may be thinking about starting it in the New Year. After all, what could be worse than more hassle this time of year? You’ve already got the dread of ‘is the turkey cooked enough?’ and ‘what if the mother-in-law doesn’t like her gift?’ However, with the right conservatory supplier, you and your family could be enjoying your conservatory during the festive period, with minimal disruption to the celebrations.

We’ve come up with a list of some of the positives of an extra room of this variety at this time of year can bring to your home, and some inspiration for a true Christmas conservatory transformation.

Enjoy Winter Weather from the Comfort of Home

What could be more idyllic on Christmas morning than your family sitting around the tree, opening presents, with the (hopefully) snowy winter backdrop? You could all be enjoying the beauties this time of year has to offer in terms of atmosphere, whilst being toasty warm in a room in your own home. Many people think that conservatories in winter are basically igloos, but this isn’t true if you use good heating and clever decor to add to the feel of warmth, such as fairy lights and candles. Placing your tree in the conservatory can create a unique grotto for the family (and can also be good if you’re not a fan of Christmas taking over your whole house!). Give your conservatory a truly cosy feeling with lots of soft furnishings, fairy lights and festive ornaments.

Extra Space for Play

A conservatory can provide the perfect space for children to run wild with their new favourite toys, and can grant the parents with a much needed spare five minutes away from assembling models and installing batteries.

It can also be ideal for keeping rubbish and wrapping paper in one room, which can be a lifesaver when hunting for bits of toys that have been misplaced later.

The kids will love the Christmassy feel of the conservatory, and it will leave them with memories that they will treasure forever. It can also be perfect for a place for parents and other family members to sit and watch the children as they play outside, with a glass of mulled wine in hand

Give Guests a Unique Dining Experience

Conservatories create the perfect place to wow your hundreds of guests during the panic of the Christmas dinner. They’ll absolutely love feasting whilst enjoying the seasonal weather in the background, and it will automatically add a warm and welcoming feel to your friends and family, and will be talking about it with their friends for weeks afterwards.

Why not add to the atmosphere by dining by candlelight and fairy lights? The kids especially will love this, as they’ll feel like they’ve stepped into a grotto. You could also have a table dedicated to refreshments and drinks in the conservatory, which would eliminate the need to move after you’ve stuffed yourself silly with sprouts!

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